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Home Equity Loans
Interest Bearing Checking
Product Tiers APY  
Yield Plus $10,000-$249,999 1.00% OPEN
Yield Plus $1,000-$9,999 .25% OPEN
Yield Plus $0.01-$999 .10% OPEN
Non-Interest Bearing Checking
Totally Free OPEN
eAdvantage     OPEN
Advantage Plus Image OPEN
Product Rate APY  
91 Days 0.10% 0.10% OPEN
6 Months 0.20% 0.20% OPEN
9 Months 0.10% 0.10% OPEN
12 Months 0.40% 0.40% OPEN
12 Months AP 0.65% 0.65% OPEN
18 Months 0.55% 0.55% OPEN
20 Months
Bump Up
0.99% 1.00% OPEN
24 Months 0.94% 0.95% OPEN
30 Months 1.14% 1.15% OPEN
36 Months 0.99% 1.00% OPEN
48 Months 1.34% 1.35% OPEN
60 Months 1.68% 1.70% OPEN
72 Months 1.68% 1.70% OPEN
84 Months 1.68% 1.70% OPEN
Savings/Money Market
Product Rate APY  
eAdvantage Savings 0.20% 0.20% OPEN
eAdvantage Money Market
Tiers APY  
$.01 - $2,499.99 0.15% OPEN
$2,500 - $9,999.99 0.15% OPEN
$10,000 - $24,999.99 0.20% OPEN
$25,000 - $49,999.99 0.25% OPEN
$50,000 and up 0.25% OPEN

Online Banking

Login Notice and Frequently Asked Questions

This system is for the use of authorized users only. Individuals using this computing system without authority, or in excess of their authority, are subject to having all of their activities on this system monitored and recorded by system personnel. In the course of monitoring individuals improperly using this system, or in the course of system maintenance, the activities of authorized users may be monitored.

Anyone using this system expressly consents to such monitoring and is advised that if such monitoring reveals possible evidence of criminal activity, system personnel may provide the evidence of such monitoring to law enforcement officials.

Online Banking

What is Online Banking?

Online Banking allows Columbia Bank customers to conduct financial transactions on our secure website. It allows you to access your funds anytime, anywhere via the internet. You can check balances, make transfers, and pay bills online.

How much does Online Banking cost?

Online Banking and online bill payment for account access is absolutely free - review your account history, transfer funds and more. You can also save time and money by using free online bill payment featuring e-Bills.

What can I do with Online Banking?

With Online Banking, you can check balances, download account information into Quicken or Money, view up to date account transactions, make transfers and pay bills online.

I like the idea of doing my banking over the Web, but I'm concerned about the security of my information. Is Online Banking secure?

Security of your account is our number one priority. With Columbia Online Banking, you can do your banking with confidence. We use state-of-the-art technology and a combination of security measures to make your banking sessions secure.

When can I begin using Online Banking?

If the verification process passes, you will be able to use Online Banking right away. In the event additional information is required, your status will be 'pending' until we're able to verify your application. The process usually takes up to two business days.

How do I sign up for Online Banking?

Go to on the right side of the screen you will see the Personal Online banking access login. Click sign up today to begin registration.

How do I login to Online Banking?

  • Visit
  • Enter your User Name and Password in the "Personal Banking Access" box
  • Click Login

How do I add an account to my online banking?

  • Log into Online Banking
  • Click on the Add/Delete Accounts Tab
  • Complete the form that opens in a new window and submit
  • Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation email from Columbia Bank

What if I forgot my Online Banking password?

  • Visit
  • Click on "Forgot Password" under the Online Banking login
  • You will be prompted for the answer to your security questions
  • After successfully answering your security question, you will be prompted to change your password.
  • If you don't remember the answer to your security question, call Columbia Bank Customer Service Center at 1-800-522-4167 to have your Online Banking password reset. You will be given a temporary password that will allow you to login to Online Banking. Once you are logged in, you will be prompted to change the temporary password. You also will be asked to set up a new security question.

What if I forgot my User ID?

If you forgot your User ID call 1-800-522-4167 and a representative will assist you.

How do I change my user name in Personal Online Banking?

  • Visit
  • Enter your User Name and Password in the "Personal Banking Access" box
  • Click on User Options
  • Click on change User ID
  • Type in New User ID
  • Re-enter New User ID
  • Accept

Can I view my Home Equity/Mortgage account online?

Yes, if your loan is added to your list of online banking accounts, you can view your account with Online Banking. Viewing your Columbia Bank Home Equity or Mortgage loan account online enables you to view your interest rate, principle balance, account number, principle balance, payment amount, etc. To view your loan account online, login to Online Banking.

If your loan is not listed, simply login to Online Banking, click on the Add/Delete tab from your toolbar. Complete the Add/Delete Accounts form, and then submit. Within 2 business days you will be able to view your account online.

Can I pay my Mortgage/Home Equity online?

Yes, you can make your loan payments online each month or have your monthly loan payments automatically drafted from your Columbia Bank checking or saving account.

To make a loan payment online login to Online Banking, click on Transfer and enter the Transfer Amount, this will be the amount of your loan payment. Choose the account from which you want to make the payment. Then choose the mortgage account to which you want these funds transferred. Choose Standard Payment if to want to make your regular monthly payment or choose Overpayment if you want to make Principle Only payment, then click Transfer Funds.

Or, set up a scheduled transfer to have your loan payment automatically drafted from your Columbia Bank checking or saving account each month. Log into Online Banking. Click on Scheduled Transfers at the top of the screen. Click the Add button and enter the Transfer Amount. Choose the account from which you want to make the payment and the mortgage account to which you want these funds transferred. Select the frequency of the transfer and the final date then click Save Transfer.

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Bill Pay

What is Bill Pay?

Bill Pay is a free service of Online Banking that allows you to pay your bills online. You can pay virtually anyone, anytime, anywhere in the United States. Making payments online is one of the most efficient and economical features of Online Banking. It saves you the time of writing checks, trips to the mailbox, and time at the post office. It even saves you the cost of stamps.

What are eBills?

EBills are electronic versions of your paper bills that you can receive through Online Banking. An eBill comes directly from the biller to your Online Banking service. In addition, a notification that you have received an eBill in your Online Banking account can be sent automatically to an e-mail address that you choose. You can view balances, transactions and other statement information in an eBill. (Each biller offers unique features associated with their eBill.) Then, you can pay it and print it - all online.

Who can I pay with Bill Pay?

You can pay almost any business or individual that you currently pay by check - your phone bill, loan payments, insurance, and credit cards - even your dentist or daycare center. Please note you cannot pay court-ordered payments or state and federal taxes online at this time.

Is there a limit to the number of bills I can pay within Online Banking?

There is no limit to the number of bills you can pay. The more bills you pay, the more money you save on mailing costs.

How are payments that are scheduled in Online Banking delivered to payees?

Payees are businesses or individuals to whom you are making a payment. Payments you make through Bill Pay are delivered in two ways:

  • Most payments are delivered electronically. Payees who are paid in this way receive your payment information, including your account number, through secure electronic transmission.
  • All other payments are made by a paper check that is issued and mailed to the payee.

What is a payee?

Payees are the businesses and individuals you pay through Bill Pay in Online Banking. You create a list of your own payees by using the Add a Payee feature. You can add payees such as utilities, department stores, credit cards and other businesses. You can also add individual payees such as your daycare provider, your doctor, or a relative.

How long does it take for a payment to reach my payee?

We recommend scheduling your payments to be processed at least five business days before the actual payment due date. Scheduling payments sufficiently in advance of the due date on the bill allows enough time for the payee to receive the payment and credit it to your account.

How much does Bill Pay cost?

Bill Pay is a free service of Online Banking.

Can all of my bills be eBills?

EBills are only available from select companies. Refer to our list of eBillers to see who's offering this service.

How do I pay eBills?

You can pay one or more eBills from within Online Banking. To pay an eBill, you simply choose the account from which you want the bill paid, enter an amount and enter the date you want the payment sent. Our handy calendar tool recommends how many days before the payment is due that you should send it.

What is the daily cut off time to have my payments processed thru Bill Pay?

All payments made through Bill Pay will be processed same day until 4pm EST.

How large or small can a payment amount be?

  • Minimum Payment - $1.00
  • Maximum Payment - $9,999.00

How far in advance can I schedule a payment with Bill Pay?

You are able to schedule a payment up to 12 months in advance.

How do I add a new funding account to my online Bill Pay?

To add a new funding account, log into Online Banking, click the Add/Delete tab, and fill out the form to add an account. You will receive a confirmation email within two business days when the account has been added.

How do I make payments using Bill Pay?

To make a payment, login to Online Banking. Click Bill Pay then Make Payments. Next to the correct Payee, enter the amount that you wish to pay and the date on which you would like the payments sent. Click Pay to make payment. The deliver date will be below send date.

How far back can I go to view payments I made through Bill Pay?

You can view up to 12 months of payments. If you need more than 12 months, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-522-4167.

Can I schedule a bill payment to be processed using funds that were deposited today?

Our general policy is to allow you to withdraw funds deposited in your account on the first business day after we receive your deposit as long as the deposit has cleared. Funds from electronic direct deposits will be available on the day we receive the deposit. In some cases, we may delay your ability to withdraw funds beyond the first business day. Then, the funds will generally be available by the fifth business day after the day of deposit. Please contact a Columbia Bank Customer Service Representative if you are unsure if your funds will be available.

How soon can I start making payments to a payee that I've just added to my list?

As soon as you set up your payee, you can schedule a payment.

What if sufficient funds are not available on the withdrawal date?

If you do not have sufficient funds available on the withdrawal date, but do have any of Columbia Bank's overdraft privileges such as Bounce Protection, Overdraft Protection, funds will be used from your overdraft privilege to fund the bill payment. If your Bounce Protection is used to fund the bill payment, the fee is $32. If your Overdraft Protection is used to fund the bill payment, the fee is $5. If your Line of Credit Overdraft Protection is used to fund the bill payment, there is no fee. However, a monthly payment is required when using your Line of Credit Overdraft Protection.

If an account has insufficient funds to fund a scheduled payment and does not have any of Columbia Bank's overdraft privileges, the Bill Pay account will be blocked from access.

  • All payments in Bill Pay are SUSPENDED during the blocked period.
  • Once the NSF is cleared, the block will be lifted within 5 business days.
  • Any instance of a single or recurring payment scheduled to be paid during the blocked period will not be re-sent and must be rescheduled by the user.
  • Recurring payments are reinstated.
  • Future dated payments will be processed.

When are the funds debited from my checking account?

The money is debited from your account within 1-3 business days after the payment is sent to the payee. The funds are sent out from our Bill Paying agents account on the date you specified then our bill payment agent processes an electronic debit from your account for the funds within 1-3 business days after the payment is sent. Your account should have the funds available to make the payment on the day you send the payment.

  • Please Note: Even though the funds have been debited from your account, the payment may not immediately be credited to the payee's account. Bill Pay requires up to 3 business days for electronic payments to reach the payee and 5 business days for check payments to reach the payee. Once the payment is received by the payee, it is up to the payee to credit the designated account.

What are Expedited Payments?

Columbia Bank is pleased to offer this feature within Online Banking. It allows you to send expedited payments to virtually any payee, anywhere, no later than next day! Expedited Payments allow you to minimize late fees, service disruptions, service reinstatement fees or harm to your credit. We offer you two options:

  • Log into your Columbia Bank Online Banking Account
  • Select the "Bill Pay" tab
  • Click on "Expedited Payment" in the main menu
  • Process the Payment

A fee will be charged for each expedited payment. If the merchant accepts electronic payments, the fee will be $5 per payment. If your payee is new to your list or if the payee does not accept electronic payments, an actual check will be generated and shipped FedEx Overnight for $25 per payment (and a FedEx tracking number will be provided). Rest assured that our Bill Pay database will automatically select the most cost-effective method for you.

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What are Online Statements?

Online Statements offer Online Banking and Small Business Customers the ability to access your monthly statements during an Internet banking session.

How do I sign up for eStatements?

Click on the Online Statements button from the Account Access screen. Read and Print the disclosure and Click the Accept button. After you Accept, you will be able to view up to 5 years of statements, assuming that you have had 5 years issued.

Do I need any special software to view my statements online?

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view your statements. A link is available for you to get the free software from Adobe.

What will I be able to view online?

You will be able to see an image of your paper statement and check images also ( i. e. if you receive them today).

Will I continue to receive my paper statement in US mail?

Once you register for eStatements, you will no longer receive paper statements.

How do I cancel eStatements?

If, for some reason, you decide that you would like to go back to receiving paper statements, you may do so by clicking on the Secured Forms link on the top of the web page, next click on the Unsubscribe to eStatements, and an Unsubscribe to eStatements Form page will open up. Fill out the form and click on submit. Within 5 business days Columbia Bank will change all your Online Banking accounts from eStatements to paper statements.

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Enhanced Login Security

Multifactor Authentication strengthens security at login while providing peace of mind for online banking users.

Multifactor Authentication protects against online fraud by providing an additional end user authentication 'factor' beyond the username and password used today. The solution is designed to preserve the convenience and usability of your online banking channel.


  • Provides peace of mind regarding online banking authentication.
  • Easy for users - Once enrolled, there is little difference in the login process.
  • Usable anywhere at any time – Users can enroll any number of computers.


  • Browser-based secure cookie with an individualized credential (ID) stored on the user’s computer as a second factor in addition to username and password.
  • End users enroll each computer on which they plan to conduct online banking activities.
  • Prevents unauthorized access using stolen credentials on a non-enrolled computer.
  • Users can authenticate temporarily on a computer they do not wish to enroll. A one-time passcode (OTP) can be received via email, text (SMS) or automated voice push. OTP technology can be purchased by your financial institution.
  • Users can un-enroll PC’s they no longer wish to use for online banking activities.


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