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Treasury Management Frequently Asked Questions

What is the maximum length for a USER ID?

  • 15 characters

Can I receive a SAC (Secure Access Code) by any other method than voice?

  • Yes—if you go to the Settings Menu
    • Security Preferences
    • Secure Delivery
    • Choose to enter a mobile device for TEXT (SMS) delivery
    • Choose to enter additional phone numbers for voice delivery

What if I am not receiving SAC (Secure Access Code) by text?

  • Go into the Settings Menu and make sure your cell has been input
  • If your cell was set up correctly, TEXT the word START to 86434

Once I register my browser will I ever have to do it again?

  • Yes - a few times per year we will ask you to recertify your browser for extra security

What do I need to do to set up a subsidiary?

  • If you choose to establish a new subsidiary, you must contact Columbia either by SECURE MESSAGE within Online Business Banking or by phone at 201-794-5655 so they can activate that Subsidiary to be used when sending Wires or ACH

How do I reverse an ACH file send in error?

  • Go to the Columbia Business Banking menu option on the Bank website
    • On the Table of Contents on the right, click on ‘Treasury Management Forms’
    • Complete the ACH Reversal form and attach it to a SECURE MESSAGE within Online Business Banking

What do the different color messages mean?

  • Generally RED means whatever action that was attempted failed. Check for fields not filled in properly as well as the message provided
  • YELLOW means another step is needed. Usually, this is a second approval on a transaction. The message should describe what is needed
  • GREEN means you have been successful

Where do I input my company ID?

  • Company ID is no longer needed—only your USER ID is required

What is the difference between a USER ROLE and a USER?

  • Think of a USER ROLE as a job title and USER as the employee holding that job. Several employees can have the same job title if their functions are the same. Several USERS can be connected to the same USER ROLE. For example, BOOKKEEPER might be a USER ROLE.
  • When we converted to this new system, the USER ROLES took on the actual names of the USERS but ADMINS have the ability to change the name of the USER ROLE and connect additional USERS to the same entitlements or rights
  • Using USER ROLES makes transitions for different employees easier since the ADMIN doesn’t have to remember all the rights they granted and just attach the new employee to a role

How long do I have to sign on once I am issued a password?

  • Newly issued passwords or reset passwords will expire after 48 hours and you will need to contact Columbia if you were unable to sign on and change within that 48 hour time period

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