Notary Services

Discover free notary services at a Columbia Bank branch near you. Our no-nonsense notary service includes everything you need to notarize your personal, business, or legal documents. Simply schedule an appointment with a notary at your local branch to get your important documents authenticated. Once deemed authentic, the notary will sign, date, and affix an official stamp to the appropriate signed document.

Documents typically requiring notary service include:

  • Power of Attorney
  • Affidavits
  • Deeds and Mortgages
  • Real Estate Title Transfers
  • Estate Matters

When bringing your document(s) to be notarized, you must present:

  • A form of personal identification
  • Proof you are a Columbia Bank customer
  • Original documentation to be notarized

Call your local branch to learn more about our free notary services and schedule an appointment today.

* Columbia does not provide notary services for non-customers.