Safe Deposit Boxes

Protect your personal documents and valuables with a Columbia Bank safe deposit box. Available at most branch locations, our safe deposit boxes can be accessed in the lobby during normal business hours. Annual rental fees (billed on Anniversary Date) are charges based on the chosen box size. Safe deposit box sizes include*:

2" x 5" x 21" 3" x 5" x 21" 5" x 5" x 21"
3" x 10" x 21" 5" x 10" x 21" 10" x 10" x 21"

*Sizes are subject to availability

The safe deposit box vaults at each Columbia Bank branch are highly secure and protected through our signature verification process. At the time of rental, the designated owner signs a signature verification card that is always maintained at that branch location. From then on, in order to gain access to the safe deposit box vault, the owner must first provide a login signature that matches the original. Only after the owner's identity is verified by a Columbia Bank employee will access to the vault be granted. If the owner's identity cannot be verified, access will always be denied. As added protection, two keys are also needed to open the box – one key is held by the owner and the other is held by a Columbia Bank employee.

For the nearest Columbia Bank branch with safe deposit boxes, visit our Branch Locator and click "With Safe Deposit Boxes" before performing a search. Visit the branch or give us a call to learn the details of our safe deposit box service, including charges, availability, etc.

Please note: Safe deposit boxes are not FDIC insured and are not insured by any government agency or by Columbia Bank.