Advantage Plus Checking


Advantage PLUSsm Checking

Columbia Bank’s Advantage PLUSsm Checking account offers added benefits for meeting certain checking account requirements. For customers who keep their account balance above the $1,000 required daily minimum, we offer:

  • $1,000 daily minimum balance required to avoid a monthly service charge
  • FREE ATM transactions at any PLUS®, Accel® or VISA® ATM terminals3
  • Bonus rates on featured "AP" CD's
  • Rate discount on certain loans4
  • $50 discount on Residential Mortgage applications
  • Free Cashiers Checks and Money Orders
  • Discounted VISA® Gift Cards
  • Free Wealth Management Financial Consultation, provided by Columbia Financial Services*
  • Free bank checks2

For Advantage Plus Checking accounts that do not meet the daily minimum balance, a monthly service charge applies. Learn more about account requirements at our Checking Account Rates page. Already sold? Open Now.

Advantage Plus Checking Account Disclosures

2. Free check orders for accounts other than Senior Checking are eligible for limited designs only.
3. Columbia Bank will not charge for ATM transactions, but non-refundable ATM operator fees, foreign currency exchange and transaction fees may apply.
4. With automatic payment deduction from a Columbia Bank Advantage PLUSsm checking account.
*Columbia Bank is not affiliated with Cetera Investment Services LLC, Cetera Investment Advisors LLC, or Columbia Financial Services. Columbia Financial Services is a marketing name for Cetera Invesment Services, LLC.