No Fee Refinance Program

If you're looking to refinance a home in New Jersey, you won't find a better deal than Columbia Bank's No Fee Refinance Program. Other refinance programs include so many hefty fees that many homeowners find themselves paying up to 6% of their outstanding principal just on refinancing fees. Columbia Bank's no cost refinance program allows you to completely bypass the most expensive fees and refinance your single-family home for much less. From application to tax service, here is a list of the fees Columbia Bank has omitted from the refinance process altogether.

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  • Appraisal Fee. No additional fee for having your home appraised.
  • Application Fee. Submit your refinancing application free of charge.
  • Credit Report Fee. As part of the application process, there is no fee for acquiring your credit report.
  • Attorney Fee. No additional charges for the lawyer that conducts the closing.
  • Title Fee. Your property's records will be thoroughly reviewed at no cost to you.
  • Survey Fee. You don't pay a fee and the lender still gets to survey the property. Everybody wins.
  • Tax Service Fee. No fee for bringing in a third party to handle the property tax bills.
  • Recording Fee. We'll send the government the information they need. No extra fee needed.
  • Settlement and Underwriting Fees. More lender fees you won't have to worry about.
  • Flood Certification Fee. It won't cost you anything for the lender to check flood zones.

There you have it. Columbia Bank's No Closing Cost Refinance Program guarantees no fees for appraisal, title, processing, recording, survey, application, settlement, underwriting, credit report, attorney, flood certification, or tax service.  Contact Columbia Bank to learn more about our affordable No Fee Refinance Program and find out how much money you can save with a no closing cost refinance today.

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*Rates quoted are for the no cash-out refinance of a detached single family primary residence located in New Jersey. Rates quoted on loan amount up to $750,000 with a loan to value ratio of 80% and a minimum credit score of 680. The quoted interest rate will be increased based on lower credit score and higher LTV. Minimum loan amount is $100,000. Maximum loan amount is $750,000 for this program. Private mortgage insurance (PMI) may be required depending upon Columbia Bank's lending policy. All loans are subject to approval in accordance with Columbia Bank's lending policies. Borrowers will be required to fund any prepaid interest, tax escrows, flood insurance escrows, private mortgage insurance escrows, condominimum questionnaire fees, and subordination fees associated with the transaction (if applicable). Under this program, Columbia Bank will select an appropriate title insurance provider, which is currently First Jersey Title Services Inc. Title must be held in the name of individual(s) and the property must not be listed for sale. Additional program restrictions may apply. A $500 rate lock/commitment fee is due upon the earlier of rate lock-in or commitment acceptance, whichever occurs first, and is refundable upon closing. Other terms and refinancing programs are available. For more details, please visit our local office or call (800) 522-41687. This offer may be withdrawn at any time. Rates current as of publication date and are subject to change.