Purchase Rewards with the Columbia Bank Debit Card 

Columbia Bank's new rewards program lets you earn rewards by using your Columbia Bank debit card to purchase merchandise and services. The program is available to all debit cardholders that have an online banking account. Through this program, you'll receive targeted offers to receive rewards on purchases based on how you shop. As a cardholder, there is no limit to the rewards you can earn. So, the more you use your debit card, the more offers you can receive and the more rewards you can earn!

How do I sign up?

Where do I go to see offers?

How do I redeem offers?

Do I need to use a coupon or code to earn rewards?

How long do I have to take advantage of an offer?

When do I receive the rewards for the offers I redeem?

If I have more than one account will I see the same offers on both accounts?

Can I use any of my financial institution's cards to earn rewards?

Why don't I have any offers?

What if I do not want to receive offers?

Is my personal information shared with retailers?

Is this program free?