Columbia Bank CD Rates in NJ

Our Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are not only an effective way to grow your income and save, they are also marketplace competitive. New Jersey Counts on Columbia…for great CD Interest Rates.


The APY† shown above is available if you open a Columbia Bank Advantage PLUS Checking Account. If at any time during the term of your CD, this checking account is not maintained, you will earn the regular CD Annual Percentage Yield.

Columbia Bank offers additional CD terms. Please contact our Customer Service Department or visit your nearest branch for other terms.

*Interest will be credited on the next to the last business day of each interest crediting period and at maturity. That interest is available to be withdrawn the following business day. If you close your account before interest is collected, you will not receive the accrued interest.
**The penalty for a premature withdrawal during the initial or any subsequent renewal term will be at the interest rate being paid on the account, regardless of the length of time the funds have remained on deposit. Any withdrawal which reduces the account balance below the initial /renewal balance shall be considered as a withdrawal of the entire account balance.
***All fixed rate savings certificates provide for automatic renewal unless at least 5 days for 7-28 day CDs or at least 10 days (for all other CDs) prior to the maturity date Columbia gives written notice to the account holder that the account will not be renewed. In such event, upon maturity, the account will be converted to a variable rate savings account and receive earnings at the interest rate then paid on variable rate savings accounts. The 7-28 day certificate has no grace period. The grace period for all other certificates is seven days from the date of maturity. During the grace period, funds can be withdrawn without penalty and will earn interest at the rate Columbia Bank is offering on the maturity date on certificate accounts for that term.
Available to individuals living or working in NJ.