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Count On Us To Look Out For You With Consumer Overdraft Services

Consumer Overdraft Services

What Is An Overdraft?

An overdraft occurs when you don’t have enough money in your checking account to cover an item presented against your account. When this occurs, a courtesy cushion may be extended to cover your item. In some cases, the Bank may choose to return the item, leaving your item unpaid. Regardless of the outcome, Overdraft services can help cover items when insufficient funds are available or when mistakes happen.


Your Options

Columbia Bank offers several services to clients in order to assist you when unanticipated expenses or simple mistakes leave you with too little cash in your checking account. At account opening, you will be asked to choose your overdraft coverage and any applicable services. You can change your overdraft coverage at any time by contacting your local branch or our Customer Service Center at (800) 522-4167. You must return a signed, amended Consumer Overdraft Coverage form to update your coverage. An overview of our Consumer Overdraft Services is listed below. 

Please review the Consumer Overdraft Disclosure linked below.

Premium Overdraft

A courtesy overdraft cushion is available for consumer checking accounts (excludes Forward Checking)

Non-Premium Overdraft

The Bank may choose to pay certain items presented against your account. When you opt-out of Premium Overdraft, the Bank will decision any items that may overdraw your account

Account Link

Link your checking account to an eligible secondary account held by Columbia Bank, that will transfer funds when your checking account may become overdrawn

Avoiding Overdrafts

The best way to avoid an overdraft is to responsibly manage your finances. Columbia Bank offers services that make it easy and convenient to manage your item. Some of our services include:

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Keep track of payments like rent, your mortgage, or utilities and when they will be debited. Utilize Online and Mobile Banking to view your account activity and balance.

22CB08 Iconography Accountalerts 01


Receive a text or email when your account balance falls below an amount you define. Set up account alerts through our web version of Online Banking.

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You know your spending habits best. Schedule transfers from an alternative account when you anticipate your balance to be low.


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